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Farmers Market Schedule
Downtown Palo Alto Farmers Market
Gilman St & Hamilton Ave Palo Alto
Saturdays - 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Plant Based, Allergen Friendly


Artisan Baking Mixes
Plant Based, Allergen Friendly

No Wheat, Egg, Dairy, Nuts, Soy, Gums, Artificial Flavors, Preservatives, Additives

Reduced Sugar & Cholesterol

Notable Bites Flavorful Treats

Notable Bites Flavorful Treats

Plant Based Quiche
No Egg, Dairy, Nuts, Soy, Wheat

Cholesterol Free & High in Protein
Sweet & Savory Flavorful Treats

"Wendy's lemon & almond bars are just made for a cup of tea and a good book. Or Book Club & other get togethers. Congratulations Wendy on your inspired baking!"

"I have to confess that Wendy's sweets are extremely delicious! I hope you all try them and enjoy them as much as I do."

"Yum! I've been eating Wendy's cookies for quite a while. I have a standing order with her for some whenever she bakes. I picked up a half lemon/half almond order this morning and went straight home to have a cup of tea and a cookie. I'm really picky about lemon cookies since I LOVE lemons and I can tell you that Wendy has a fabulous recipe...lip smacking good! The almond ones are almost unbelievable...not too sweet, great texture, and flavor abounding!

You really need to contact her to try them... you'll be happy you did!"

"I just stopped by the El Camino Hospital Farmers Market to try Wendy’s cookies. OMG! You have to try these cookies. The lemon cookies are wonderfully lemony and the almond cookies almost taste like marzipan but with a satisfying cookie texture.

Seriously, if you can’t get there today maybe write directly to Wendy about getting some. You’ll be very happy once you try these. I’m not kidding."

"The lemon cookies are amazing!! I really think you have something there. I think I like them better than lemon bars because they're not messy!! The tart/sweet balance is perfect in my opinion."

"We enjoyed those little almond treats!"

"They are truly phenomenal!"


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